About me

I was born in Tehran,  where  I received double immersion Franco_Persian  education   and  later worked  at the  Planning & Budget  Organization and  the Ministry of Education.  After immigrating to the United States,   I continued my education to obtain  a two track  doctoral degree in literature and pedagogy, followed by years of  creating and  directing language programs as well as teaching at the  higher education during which I published three language textbooks.

Now retired I spend my time translating, painting and volunteering. 

I have always felt passionate about painting, however  it was in 2014  that the white page, brushes and colors  were not of prohibition anymore and became possibilities ....     

                                                                                                                              ... مدتی بایست تا خون شیر شد ...

Should you wish to contact me please send a message to:

Thank you for your visit.  To see the paintings, please click on the pictures.


About me About me
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