About me

Born on planet Earth ,  I received double immersion Franco_Persian  education,  and  worked  at the  Planning & Budget  Organization and  the Ministry of Education.  Later, I continued my education to obtain  a two track  doctoral degree in literature and pedagogy, followed by years of  creating and  directing language programs as well as teacher training and  teaching at the  higher education, during which I published three language textbooks.

Now retired I spend my time translating, painting and volunteering, trying to make sense of this life,  in which we are  thrown!!

I have always felt passionate about painting, however  it was in 2014  that the white page, brushes and colors  were not of prohibition anymore and became possibilities ...  

I came to this world crying, 

many times

"Set my life in fire 

and sought   those who fan the flames "(Rumi) 

I will certainly

leave this world laughing ( or so I wish) .


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About me
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